Dr. Ranjini George

My journey with Stoicism began with the gift of a Roman bust in Dubai, various editions of Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations as a graduate student in English Literature in New Delhi and Illinois, and my reading of Donald Robertson’s How to Think Like a Roman Emperor in Toronto. 

An early draft of my memoir Miracle of Flowers: In the Footsteps of an Emperor, a Goddess, a Story and a Tiffin-Stall, won the first prize in the Coffee Shop Author contest.

With the Meditations on my study desk and a portrait of his adoptive father Antoninus Pius before me, I’m currently engaged in revising my memoir and teaching classes on Stoicism, Meditations and Creative Writing. 

PS: I recently asked Antoninus what he thought of Marguerite Yourcenar’s Memoirs of Hadrian. A. Pius said in that dignified quiet way of his that he liked the book. There were, however, some things left out from the “memoir.” I guess A. Pius knew Hadrian better than any of us do. 

I’m Ranjini George and this is my #PathsToFlourishing story.

This is a #PathsToFlourishing story published as part of a series of stories inspired by the Stoicon-X Women 2021 theme: Practical Paths to Flourishing.

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