News January 2022

Beautiful Stoic woman, reflects inner beauty

Hello, dear Friends of Paths to Flourishing.

How are you? How is your Stoic practice? Leave a reply below and let us know! We’d love to hear from you.

Two events coming up that we thought you’d like to know about! 

🤗 Stoics Care Online Conference

You may remember that Brittany Polat and Eve Riches launched Stoicare at the Stoicon-x Practical Paths to Flourishing Conference 2021 and their very first conference is coming up. 

Join Eve and Brittany on Saturday 23rd April to celebrate the caring side of Stoicism!

📖 Live Like A Stoic For A Year 

Kathryn and The Stoic Salon community are today beginning a year-long guided journey, with Dr Sofia Koutlaki, through Live Like A Stoic: 52 Exercises for Cultivating a Good Life by Massimo Pigliucci and Gregory Lopez. 

We’ll meet daily in The Stoic Salon on Slack. Monthly on Zoom. One year together. 

The authors will join us for a Q&A on our very first Zoom meetup on Saturday, 26th February. 

💪🏼 Women’s Conference 2022

And, do stay in touch about our 2022 conference for Stoic Women coming up later this year. 

We will reveal the conference theme in March. If you can guess from the emoji, reply and let us know! 

We are planning a day of practical workshops and educational conversations to inspire our Stoic practice. 

Stay Stoic and Keep Flourishing!
Kathryn & Brittany
🌿 Paths to Flourishing

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