Let’s be courageous together

  • Do you regret not being more courageous in life?
  • Are you frustrated because you don’t feel your life gives you opportunities to show courage?
  • Do you feel that you are not naturally courageous?
  • Are you lost because you don’t have a courageous role model to look up to?

We think that Stoicism can help.

Modern Stoicism invites you to Courageous Paths to Flourishing: Stoicon Women, a virtual conference taking place on October 1, 2022.

Following the success of last year’s inaugural Stoicon Women conference, this year’s event will bring together leading voices in Stoicism to explore the Stoic virtue of courage.

  • Nancy Sherman, Distinguished University Professor and Professor of Philosophy at Georgetown University, will present the keynote address on courage beyond facing fear.
  • Christopher Gill, Emeritus Professor of Ancient Thought at the University of Exeter, will present an opening address on the Stoic definition of courage.
  • Karen Duffy, New York Times bestselling author and former MTV VJ, will speak about courageous role models and her latest book, Wise Up!

We are excited about our Coaching Courage session. This is a 90-minute panel discussion and workshop led by experienced Stoic mentors and coaches, including Sharon Lebell, Tim LeBon, Simon Drew, Scott Perry and others.

You’ll learn how to coach yourself to be more courageous in your daily life. You’ll interact directly with the coaches and other conference attendees to discover your natural capacity for courage.

We’ll end our gathering with a Courageous Circle, a “fireside chat, where we will share personal stories of courage as informed by Stoic study and practice.

You’ll also receive a Stoic Courage Toolkit with guidance and prompts to help you learn more about how you can be more courageous.

Tickets are by donation, and all proceeds benefit Modern Stoicism, a nonprofit organization dedicated to sharing Stoicism worldwide.

All donations of $25 and above will include a chance to win a “Courageous Coffee and Chat” with a Stoic mentor or coach, including Professor Chris Gill and Sharon Lebell. 

Join us to learn how ancient Stoic teachings and practices can help you become courageous so you can live a flourishing life.

We hope to see you on October 1!

Kathryn & Brittany

3 thoughts on “Let’s be courageous together

      1. Brilliant thank you! Yes I just qualified. I am trying to keep it linked to my other profession as I will be working on them both daily. I hope it doesn’t confuse things but we will see…. Discovering stoicism was life changing for me so I look forward to seeing the event – just registered


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