Online Symposium – Stoicism and Courage

Greg Sadler and Harald Kavli, editors of the Stoicism Today blog, recently called for contributions for an online symposium on Stoicism and Courage to align with and start a conversation around our conference theme of courage.

The first three contributions — by Gregory Lopez, Judith Stove, and Gregory Sadler — are now live and you can read them here.

The editors are now opening up the opportunity to contribute to anyone who would like to send in their well-considered thoughts about the topic of Stoicism and courage.  You can do so by emailing your 400-1200 word draft to both Harald Kavli and Greg Sadler

Here is the original invitation:

The online symposium would consist in a set of posts, each of which would include multiple contributions on the topic.Harald and I would like to invite each of you to contribute a short piece (400-1200 words) to our online symposium, focused on the Stoic virtue of courage. Here’s a set of potential topics (though contributions could be on other courage-related matters):

  • Why courage is needed for happiness, freedom, or flourishing
  • What the Stoics understand courage to be
  • Any one of courage’s subordinate virtues and why it matters
  • The difference between real courage and what passes as courage
  • Particularly striking examples of courage
  • Why courage isn’t the same as “manliness” for Stoics

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