On this page, you’ll find an overview of our conference, Stoicon-x Women: Practical Paths to Flourishing. We also answer your questions about the conference, who it’s for, who will be speaking, and what you can expect when you attend.

What is Stoicism?

Here are some key Stoic ideas:

  • Acknowledge that you can’t control much of what goes on in your life. 
  • See that your emotions are the product of how you think about the world. 
  • Accept that bad things are bound to happen to you from time to time, just as they do to everyone else. 
  • See yourself as part of a larger whole, not an isolated individual; part of the human race, part of Nature. 
  • Think of everything you have as not your own, but simply on loan, that one day will be taken back.

If you’d like to learn more about Stoicism before you attend the conference, visit Modern Stoicism and read our Keynote Speaker, Sharon Lebell’s classic: Art of Living: The Classical Manual on Virtue, Happiness, and Effectiveness.

What is Stoicon-x Women?

Stoicon-x Women: Practical Paths to Flourishing is the first ever Stoic event created by, for, and about women.

This virtual event will be a forum to celebrate and share how Stoicism and a Stoic practice helps enhance personal resilience to overcome hardship or disability and to enhance personal development in all spheres of life.

Join us to learn how to find inner peace, overcome obstacles, and flourish in the midst of panic, pandemic, illness, hardship, and anything else life throws at you.

This year our conference will focus on the practices of meditation, creativity, and care.

Why “Practical Paths to Flourishing?”

Stoicism is a practical philosophy of “happiness” or “flourishing.” For this reason, we chose “Practical Paths to Flourishing” as our theme for 2021.

As Stoics, we know that a flourishing world is a better world and that a flourishing individual helps create this better world.

We can all choose a path to flourishing. Stoicism provides a practical map with actionable ways to live in agreement with nature and thrive!

Learn more about our theme and read some of our own #PathsToFlourishing here.

Who will be speaking?

Our conference is a unique opportunity to hear from leading Stoics as they share their stories, insight and expertise delivered through inspiring talks with a practical focus.

Our conference speakers will offer personal insights and practical advice designed to aid your own self-development so you can start flourishing with your own Stoic practice. 

Who should attend?

We think that everyone should attend this conference: students and professionals, mothers and daughters, fathers and sons; anyone who identifies as a Stoic or is curious about this practical philosophy of life.

What will you experience?

You will experience five-and-a-half hours of practical Stoicism that will inspire you to enhance or begin your own daily practice. See our programme here.

You will hear from academics, creatives, parents, entrepreneurs, authors who will talk about an aspect of Stoic philosophy that has been both personally and professionally transformational. 

You will have the opportunity to ask questions of the speakers and to meet casually with other conference attendees.

What will you take away?

You will take away practical tips and actionable insights to start practicing Stoic principles in your daily life. 

You will learn the basic principles of Stoicism, learn about the main philosophers (ancient and modern) and what to start reading, and learn how Stoicism works in practice. 

You will make connections with like-minded Stoics and Stoic-curious attendees

You will also learn about Stoic groups to join so you can further your own practice in community.