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Meet the 2022 Speakers, Coaches, and Hosts

How can you live a courageous life?

Courageous Paths to FlourishingStoicon Women Virtual Gathering 2022 took place on Saturday 1st October (ed.  It was a stellar event!). Our next gathering will take place in October 2023.

Learn about the surprising definition of Stoic courage from professors Nancy Sherman and Christopher Gill. Learn how to be wise and courageous and the best role model a mum can be with Karen ‘Duff’ Duffy. Learn how to build the courage to stay in or leave a relationship with Kasey Pierce. Learn how to listen to music as a Stoic with professor Melinda Latour, and Nathan Dufour. Find your Stoic superpower with Kathryn Koromilas and learn how to identify a courageous role model with Brittany Polat. And for a wide-ranging discussion and practical workshop on courageous flourishing, join our panel of Stoic coaches and mentors, Tim LeBon, Andi Sciacca, Scott Perry, Lydia Scratch, Dr Matthew Sharpe, Simon Drew, Linda Bebbington, Nona Maiorano, and Katie Stidolph.


Coaching Courage Panel and Workgroups

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