Journaling with the Stoics

A two-hour journaling workshop with Kathryn Koromilas
Sunday 6 June, 1 pm EDT, 10 am PDT, 6pm BST.

To attend simply choose to donate $50 to attend the conference on June 5. Your $50 donation will include an invitation to attend the Special Stoa event, a fireside chat with with Sharon Lebell and our speakers, and an invitation to the Journaling with the Stoics workshop, details below.


Choose the $50 conference donation ticket to attend this event on Sunday 6 June

About Kathryn’s Journaling with the Stoics workshop.

Date: Sunday 6th June

Time: 1:00 pm EDT / 10:00 am PDT / 6:00 pm BST

Duration: 2 hours, workshop

Tickets: Included with the $50 donation.

What you’ll need: A journal or notebook. Your favourite pen. A beginner’s mind.


Kathryn Koromilas founded The Stoic Salon, a Facebook group dedicated to reading and writing with the Stoics. She created a series of “Meditations on ‘Meditations'” journaling experiences and presented about these at Stoixon-x Athens, 2019.

Register for free to watch her presentation at Stoicon-x Athens.
Read her conference paper on Medium.

Last year she hosted The Stoic Salon’s inaugural Stoicon-x* event Journaling with the Stoics, eature keynote speakers Donald Robertson and John Sellars on Marcus Aurelius’s writing technique, David Fideler on Seneca’s letter-writing, a panel on journaling practice, breakout groups, a writing activity, shared reading and examination of a few extracts from Meditations.

Learn more about Kathryn’s journaling practice and philosophy (which is really the practice of Marcus Aurelius) in How Stoic journaling stopped me overthinking.

What they say about Kathryn’s journaling workshops.

It has brought my practice more into the forefront of my life. Instead of reading a bit in the morning and the evening I am now finding myself pondering throughout the day.

Participant in Meditations on Meditations Bootcamp in The Stoic Salon

The activities have helped me take a more studious approach to the Meditations, rather than just reading one book after the other, which is how I tried to study Marcus Aurelius in the past.

Participant in the “Meditations on ‘Meditations'” Bootcamp in The Stoic Salon

Focused my practice on a few fundamentals. And highlighted the importance of finding the right translation of ancient texts.

Participant in the “Meditations on ‘Meditations'” Bootcamp in The Stoic Salon

I’m reflecting more frequently, which has been a long-unaccomplished goal of mine. I am noticing so much richness in short passages which I had thought that I already knew.

Participant in the “Meditations on ‘Meditations'” Bootcamp in The Stoic Salon